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Ryu no Kyojin [Sleeping]
Draconic Titan [My Titan Shifter OC]

Name: Yeng Vang (This is his name given by his father)
Alias: Wei WenNing, Ventus, Yeng Ackerman, Man with 3 names, Draconic Titan, Qinglong.
Age: 21  Eyes: Sky-Blue
DoB: 23, January  Hair: Dark Brown
Gender: Male  Height: 5'9
Weight: 205 lbs  Rank Status: First Year Senior Officer (Formerly). 

Intelligence: 5/5 | Social: 3/5
Vitality: 4/5 | Agility: 4/5
Speed: 3/5 | Strength: 4/5 
Titan Shifting: 3/5

Yeng has short dark-brown hair, sky-blue eyes, and sharp eyes. His skin is lightly tan, has an oval face, and round cheeks. He's taller than his parents but not as tall as his year older brother who was almost 6 feet in height. He has a built body from the military training. 

Titan: Azure Dragon, Dragon Titan  
Titan form: Yeng's titan Form is a 23m titan with both western and oriental dragon like features. In Sleeping form, there is only minimal skin covering his body like his arms, legs, neck, spine and tail. The head his the hardest part in this form along with the horns. His hair runs from head all the way to the tail where the paddle meets. Sleeping form is less durable than his Awakening/True form. 

Yeng has somewhat of an understanding of controlling his titan but not to it's full extent yet. Only very few had master the Draconic Titan to it's fullest potential. When Yeng used it for the first time, he did not know how to control the neck and tail until much much later on. In both Sleeping and Awakening forms, the posture can switch into bipedal stance or quadrupedal stance. 

Personality: Yeng grew out to be quite a cheerful kid among his 5 older siblings. Quite adventurous even till this day and sometimes is curious about things. He will in sometimes be socially awkward. He was always spoiled by his parents and eventually learn to pass this phase at the age of 12. But as he grew up, he somewhat kind of changed. He became wiser and smarter than those around his village. He is always honest and truthful to some extent. He can be quite the sarcastic kind of guy but mostly for the jokes and laughs. He can be understanding and a great listener. Yeng is always vigilant and looking out for either like his comrades or family. He maybe a good guy on the outside to others but his inner self isn't to be reckon with. He's very introverted and is mistaken for shyness. He just needs to build the courage up to achieve the things he wants. But besides all of this, he has a darker side (or rather his Ackerman side) that he doesn't show to anyone. His Ackerman side was awaken during his 17th Birthday and kept this side hidden from everyone. He learns to control this side but he can't cage it forever and that's when he starts to balance both his parent's side. And by the age of 21, his Ackerman side was finally awaken to it's fullest potential. Yet he still hold on tight to some of his emotions and morals to still make him feel like a actual human being. 

Yeng is still quite an adventurous fellow who loves to explore many places that is eye catching and awe inspiring . He's always interested in the little things like the many interesting shapes of rocks and bottles. Drawing and painting is one of his all time favorite hobbies. He likes to look at the natural beauty of nature and gardens which put him at ease and clams his mind. He loves to cook his own food and always wanted to try to imitate other dishes as well. He really loves to try many different kinds of delicious foods and dishes from home and afar. Meditating is one of his side-hobbies he does from time to time. Bringing smiles to his mother and making her happy so she can have an easy life. 

He doesn't like to be disturbed when having a good sleep or when he is calmly meditating in a quite place. Doesn't like it when he sees someone being picked on. He extremely doesn't want to see any of his family members die. Does not want his mother stress out a lot. Doesn't like to see a messy home whenever he returns from his "professional job". He does not like it when someone touches the PERSONAL stuff of his. 

     The country of Lemuria was form out from the Miao Rebellion against the dying golden age called the Crimson Dynasty. The rebels then took lands and some of which was formerly part of their former small empire. The new country of Lemuria wasn't recognize until 2 or 3 short lived dynasty later. It was then later recognize as an official country by the rest of the world. Long before Lemuria, the Miao people used to have their small Empire until the one of the previous dynasty's before the Crimson Dynasty destroyed it while the Miao Empire was at quarrels with itself. The Miao Empire even rivaled that of the Eldian Empire but like the Eldians the fell as well. And now, the Miao people are now free from tyranny and enslavement from the Gingnese. Then the current Yin Dynasty of Ging was starting to begin their expansion and conquest to gain more lands and power. They will kill anyone that gets in their way and resist or enslave them to labor camps and ghettos. The Yin Dynasty were using the Miao prisoners and slaves as cannon fodder and turning them into mindless Titans. Because the Eldians are not the only people that can turn into Titans. 

    Yeng's father was of Miao descent and his mother of Ackerman descent. His Ackerman Great-grandparents and few other Ackermans' fled Paradis Island to one of the country in the Far East to escape the madness that will ensue on Paradis Island. The Miao Mainland of Lemuria was the only country that was not at war, not yet that is. Yeng's father, Cheng Vang, came from an middle class family while his mother was from an upperclass since her grandfather became the Minster of Technology and her grandmother became a well renown biologist. Angeline Ackerman, that was Yeng's mother's name, was coming across north the border until Angeline and her company stop at Green Garden village to gather some supply. The Village which Yeng's father grew up in and with mostly ethnic Miao people that wasn't disturb by the incoming war. From there and a week later, Yeng's father and mother met each other after the destruction of Green Garden Village. Or rather the Massacre of Green Garden. Only 3,000 survivors out of the 15,000 survived that brutality and massacre. His father, a few friends, and family members were one of the many survivors. Some of those people in that village fought back hard killing as much as 70,000 out of the 160,000 Yin Soldiers. His father said that some of the Yin soldiers ran as far as they can away from the Titans. Yeng's father was already 21 and and his mother was 17 at that time. Yeng's father and mother still have some lingering nightmares from that day but as soon as Yeng and his year older brother were born they became better later on. 

     Yeng was in the military since age 12 and became excellent in stealth, assassinations, and gathering Intel during his time in the military. By the time he turned 18, he was given the chance to inherit one of the Eastern Titan powers. In the West the Eldians have 9 Titans and in the East they have 13 and now the Miao People have only 5 out of the 13 Titans. He was given permission to leave the military for now until he is called upon again. Yeng saluted to his captain and says his goodbye to his fellow mates as he gets on the train. On the way, he stare out the window as trees, hills, houses, and small villages past by. This kept him calmed and concentrated almost all the way but something came up on the train that broke his concentration. 3 strange men came rushing throw the car as one sat down next to him. The other 2 went to the car in front of the one Yeng was in. The person that sat next to him was slender and not to thin either. He was wearing clothes that almost didn't fit the him like they were kind of lose on the guy. His face was almost covered except the eyes. His eyes were almost almond shaped and the most interesting fact about him was that he was heterochromia. His left was an icy-blue and the right was a gray color. 5 other men in rather in casual clothing but Yeng knows something is off about them. The mysterious man that was sitting next to Yeng puts on sunglasses and hold Yeng's hand. Yeng knows and plays along with the person. They both look out side the window minding their own business as 3 of the five men passed them entering the car in front of them. Things seem to calm down a little bit and Yeng asked him what his name was then he quietly replies "My name is Leng Dong Xue". He eyes widen and knows the that surname Leng because he is part of an ancient house that still exist today. Dong Xue told him that he is the 7th son of the family and is one of the 3 bastards of House Leng. 
     After just a few minutes or a couple of hours past by, Dong Xue notice that his older half-brother has not come back yet. So he ask Yeng to come with him because Dong Xue sees that Yeng is part of the military. Yeng tells him to wait until something happens. A moment later, one of the men of the 5 tells the other 2 to come to the very front of the train car. 

"We go when they are gone", Yeng quietly.

Dong Xue agrees to it and nods. They soon past by and they both get ready to move. The 3 strange men moved as qucikly as they can when Yeng and Dong Xue make there move. They followed them discretely as to not be noticed by them. In the third car in the  front, is all luggage and the 2 men beating up them and yelling at them.

"Where are the other titan powers?", man 1. 

The man he punched coughed and gagged then spits out blood. 

"I'll tell you... most of them are missing or lost out there in the world", noble man.

"Your family has survived since the titans began to popped up. The Eldians have nine and the ancient Mu Empire which all your people descended from made 13", scared-man. 

"Our people have endure ever since the fall of our empire and now formed this new country which our people can be free from the tyranny of the Gingnese", noble man. 

"Look here, we're just bounty hunters and bandits hired by the Crown-Prince of the Yin Dynasty", scared man.

"You're just mercenaries paid by the Yin royalty. You can't trust the Yin Dynasty or the officials of that country. We know what they do to people like us", noble man.

"Of course. As cannon fodder and make their enemies fear your country and your race. Luckily the Marleyans have an easier grasp on the Eldians remaining on the mainland than over here on the Far East ", scared man.

The 3 men came back and told their leader/boss that they couldn't find the other one. Yeng looked carefully and told Dong Xue to wait here and until he gives him the signal. One of the man kicks the tied up bodyguard and then sits on one of the luggages. 

"Gosh, when are we going to get paid and finish this pieces crap work", man 3.

"Well you shut up and not complain for once, you fucker", man 2.

The 4th man sighs and gets his turn to get info out of the noble man. The man pulls out a handgun then points it at the man.

"Alright, now where is the rest of the Titan powers. The Ging informants say that the ancient house of Leng knows where they all are. So, anyone from House Leng knows the coordinates of all of them right. The only one we know of is that the Lemurians hold the Jade Titan which is the Far East version of the Founding Titan", man 4.

The noble man scoffs and smirks as the man hits him the gun. As soon as they took a brake, Yeng charges in punching the person near the bodyguard. With only just one punch, the man flew a few inches back hitting the luggages. The group of mercenaries became alerted immediately and starts to fight with Yeng. Yeng then steps on of one the mercenaries shoes as he punches then kicks him. The man was already knocked on the ground as they topple like dominoes or mahjong tiles. Yeng then gets back into a comfortable positions and begins into a stance. He gives them a cold stare and a hand gesture of "come here" to intimidate them. They get up and rushed towards him as Yeng prepares for their attack. 

Family members:
-Cheng Vang (Father) (Deceased) -Angeline Ackerman (Mother) (Alive) 
-Unnamed Elder Sister (Alive) -Senyeng Vang (Elder Brother) (Deceased)
-Unnamed Sister (Alive) -Unnamed Brother (Alive)
-Unnamed brother (Alive) -Unnamed Vang Uncle (dead or missing)
-Gela Ackerman (Aunt) (Alive) -Grandparents (Alive) (All 4 of them) 

Additional Info:
- The Eldians have 9 while the Lemurians/Miao have 13. Their version of the Founding Titan is called the Jade Titan which is alluded to the Jade Emperor of the Heavens. The Eastern Titan users has a bit longer life-span about 20 years rather than Ymir's 13 years. 
- The Other Eastern Titans known so far. Jade, Dragon, Vermilion Harpy, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Horned, Stone, and Songstress. 
- Yeng is 21 before the 4 years Time Skip in the Main Story line. 
- Yeng only got smarter with age just like his father. 
- The ancient House of Leng is one of the 3 surviving ancient houses from when the Titans started to show up. 
- The Miao is a minority Asian group in real life but in this version they are similar to the Eldians in ways of being titan shifters. 
- Some of the Lumerians/Miao still kept their ancient customs and traditions alive even till this day. 
- The Lemurian country is about the size of half of the United States.
- Their (Lemurians) progression is about WW2-ish. 
- The Gingnese and Lemurians are at Cold War similar to the United States and USSR. They will have skirmishes here & there but mostly it's the Gingnese that provokes like a bully. 
- There is a person with the surname Tesla that lives in Lemuria and was given citizenship. He escaped persecutions from the Marley Empire and seek refuge in Lemuria as one of the top leading scientist. He's probably in his late 50's to early 60's. 
[You Can't Rush Art]

I don't frequently update on my page because I take my time to come up with something and think about it. I usually come up with something and stall on the things I'm about to do. But that doesn't mean I will not come back to it. I take a lot of time to do what I do.  
I more of this big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. And I also think a lot and think deep. You may not like what I submit but I take time on my art and think imaginatively about it. i am truly a Bucket of Random and Weird aren't I. :D :) 


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Vinnie Vone Vang
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi/Hello, I am random-king00. This site has very amazing stuff. Profile Pictures will not be the real me rather my kpop biases or something else. Plus I'm a gay-geek and a fudanshi. My childhood started with Godzilla/Gojira. He has been my favorite monster ever since. Then came along anime, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, etc. Having to know all the things that came to me or discovering it makes my mind go mad.

I'm just a Big Ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff.


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