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Evil Counter-Parts
ShadowMoon (Top)
Black Beet (Left)
NeziRed (Right)

I was about to use Mad Gallant (Jaspion) but I didn't want use 2 villains from the Metal Hero Series. 
I feel like my mind is getting tired and breaking. I just need my rest and time off on doing my drawings.
A New Enemy General Appears
*Note: This is his second form.

"I'm no true villain like the rest of the Gangler nor am I just blind to anything. I can act on my own and do so much more terrible things, Dogranio." - Gen. Landa while sitting down with Dogranio as Team Macho and Alpha train in the fields.
"Death is Merciful. Suffering is Eternal"- his go to saying.
 What the Quote on the side says, "Before you ever attack me, just look around you. The damage and chaos I've cause has gotten out of hand. What are you going to do? Save lives or let them die as your result of your inactions. Or Fight me as I cause more destruction and collateral damage.

Full Name: Hinter Spion Landa 
Human Name: Gunji Taichi (Taichi Gunji)
Age: 35 (After military sevice)
Alias: Spy Master, General, Gen. Landa, PorderGeneral
Gender: Male

Character History Part 1:
    General Landa didn't always look like this. In fact, he was once human who was a product of Gauche's sick experiments. It is a long story on how he got here, tbh. 

    This takes place before and after the First Encounter. Gunji Taichi (Taichi Gunji) was just a store assistance manager that his father own. The store was passed down through 6 generations and now Taichi is going to be the true owner and 7th Generation owner since his 4 older siblings left to the cities or aboard. Not only were they store owners, the family has a history of being soldiers or famous doctors or nurses. Taichi always have this thirst for adventure and heroism just like his ancestors did. When he decided to become a solider, his father forbade it because he knows that if he gets sent afar something bad will happen. He left for the military anyways and said his goodbyes to his family. Before he can say goodbye, he gave his 3 kids dogtags. One of their names and birth date as well as their dads. His wife Mariya, Hoshino (First Born son), Mizune (Mimi), Tochi (baby boy) and his parents waved goodbye. For 5 years aboard, he learn so many things even witnessing the horrible part of being a soldier as well. Loud noises, gun shots going, bombings and the screams. The terrible screams of his fallen soldiers, friends, and especially the civilians. That was when he learns something important that he will never forget. 

    After those 5 years, he returns him mentally broken, totally exhausted, and having physical scars that remained as a reminder. A taxi came by and dropped him off near the street where he lived. His family waiting for his return as well as his 2 older siblings that remain in Japan. Taichi's daughter, Mizune saw him first as everyone just went to meet him. His wife cried while hugging him tightly and the youngest son now almost 5 was a little shy to meet his own father. Mariya lets go of her husband as she brings Tochi to Taichi. He kneels and spoke softly to his son.

"What's wrong, Tochi?", Taichi.

Tochi is stays quiet and shy. His mother encourages him to say speak to his father. 

"I know it's been long since I've seen you since you were just a baby and when you turned 1, Tochi", Taichi.
"It been too long since I've seen you, papa. Pwease stay with mommy and eberyone. I am happy for your return", Tochi shyly. 

Taichi hugs his son happily as his 2 other children came in to hug their father. A few hours later that day, Taichi went to his father who was in the garden watering the vegetables. Before he can speak, his father spoke first while watering and quick checking the plants.

"I'm just glad that you're back safely, my son. How many scars you have? Since you're here, help me water the fruits", Gunji Ryusuke.

Taichi chuckles and goes to grab another watering can then starts fill it up.
"It's been a while since I helped you with the garden", Taichi.

The both have a little good laugh for a bit as Taichi suddenly drop the watering can. His head starts to feel dizzy and starts see flashes of the time when he was . He suddenly just dropped on the ground and begin rambling about something. His father rushes to help him when Taichi's wife was coming by to drop off some drinks. She puts down the drinks the table. She rushes to help her father-in-law to pick up Taichi. 

"Mari. Help me drag him to the house", Ryusuke.
"Got it, father", Mariya.
 They drag him in the house and lay him on the living room floor. Things didn't calmed down for almost 3 hours. Taichi's children were scared of what happened to their daddy as they were shocked and a little afraid. 

    The PTSD really starts to kick in after that day. It nearly took 7.5 weeks for it just to stop but with the help of his family which made it a bit better for him. After slowly recovering, the days went by as usual like before he went to the military. Business is here and there but the holidays and summer vacation is where most will come. Now a little more stable, he begins helping his kids going through school and their social problems. While going through and checking the items, 2 familiar boys came by to stroll with their parents of course. 

"Oi, It's been a long time since I've seen you people", Taichi.
Mr. Yano and Mr. Asaka turn their faces towards to see an old friend.
"Taichi!", both simultaneously. 
Both of them walked over to him and to shake his hand.
"It's been 5 years since you came back from the military, right?", Mr. Asaka.
"Yes, it has been 5 years", Taichi laughing.
Mr. Yano taps Taichi on the back.
"You got a scar on your right eye. Must been one hell of a fight", Mr. Yano.
"You can say", Taichi.

All 3 had a good laugh together and share drinks as well. It was a good time meeting them again because they were like brothers back then. This brought him happiness and another great memory with friends. 

    It was Sunday morning and the store was just opening, Both Taichi and his father were the first to open the shutters. Mizune and Tochi wakes up from the sound of the metal shutters rolling up. Ryusuke went into the back to get the trolley to stock up the shelves. Both Mizune and Tochi came down to help them when needed. While stocking up and storing cold drinks, a sudden explosion came out of nowhere as many footsteps were heard. the day of First Encounter has come. People screaming, buildings crumbling, children crying, cars noises and destruction ever came closer to their home. Taichi tells all of them to get inside as he rushes to check. 

"Taichi!! Where are you going?", Ryusuke.
"Don't worry dad. For a hero is here", Taichi.
"You fool! Don't get yourself hurt", Ryusuke.
"Papa!", both Mizune and Tochi.

Mizune and Tochi race after him as Ryusuke went to go wake up his wife, Mariya, and Hoshino. As soon as he came, Taichi saw his surroundings as it was totally chaos and went in to immediately help as much as he can. The firefighters, police, and ambulances were doing the best they can to find and help those in need. The police were almost wiped out by the Gangler assault as the remaining retreat and replan their strategy. Somewhere close to the danger, A gangler monster came in closer to kill a cop while the cop tries to protect a child. Knowing that the cop is exhausted, the cop holds the child tightly as the Gangler monster wings his weapon upon them. It hits the cop but he stood there and did not flinch. 

"You are getting exhausted, human. You beings are so weak. SHIIINEEE!!!", gangler monster. 

As he was about to swing another one when suddenly Taichi drops kick his ass out of nowhere. Taichi then helps them as soon as the monster was about to get up. The monster yells for the pordermen to help him get up and tells them to chase them. Taichi then asked the cop where did they come from and cop replied, "By surprised and out of nowhere". Taichi, the cop, and kid were close to safety but they caught up. Taichi pushes them towards the nurses and tells them to run. A porderman comes in to swing its sword at Taichi but he dodges it then punches him the gut. He then disarms the porderman and uses the bladed weapon to attack back. 

    Mizune and Tochi finally the area as Hoshino finally caught up to both of them. They look around and almost out of breath. They see nothing but hysteria and chaos around them. Hoshino yells out for his dad followed by his 2 younger siblings. 

"Father!", Hoshino.
"Papa!", Mizune.
"Papa!", Tochi.

The kids were scared as they hold hands and slowly look for their dad. Taichi fending off the Gangler with his military training while helping those escape. The remaining cops then came back as Taichi inform them. Back up was delayed because of the mass hysteria and inadequate info. The cops ere fighting the footsoldiers as Taichi was fighting the gangler monster from before. They did their best to hold them off as Dogranio soon heard of human resistance pushing them back. He gets up from his seat to see it for himself. Amidst the the fighting, Dogranio comes in as his fellow members move aside followed by his generals. 

"I heard a bunch of humans in uniforms and a regular person were giving my men a hard time", Dogranio.
"I'm no oridinary person. I'm a veteran soldier, you damn monster. Who are you to come and cause trouble in our world", Taichi.
"A soldier, you say. Such brave words, soldier-san.", Dogranio laughs softly. 
'Question, Why are you doing here anyways", female cop.
"Oh, where are my manners. I haven't introduce myself, yet. Destra", Dogranio.
"Yes, Dogranio. I am Destra and this is Crime Lord Dogranio Yaboon. And we are the Gangler", Destra.

Something starts to spark on the ground where they were at. The sparks then starts to get louder and brighter. Taichi yells them to get off but it was too late. The one that only got out was Taichi but is mildly injured. Dogranio claps his hand at Taichi's feat as he laughs.

"Subarashi! Ningen-domo. I'm quiet surprise that such a human determination can be this much. You earn my respect, soldier", Dogranio.
'I don't need repsect from you, Dogranio. My name is Taichi Gunji and I'm a Captain of the Special Forces!", Taichi.

Taichi coughs out blood and his vision slowly goes blurry. He hears Dogranio laughs as he commands one of the porderman to bring him back with them. He is then suddenly getting carried by one of the pordermen. Taichi's children were too late as he was being carried away. His only daughter, Mizune, tries to go after him but Hoshino stop her. 

"Onii-san! Let me go. We got to save daddy from the bad people", Mizune cried. 
"Mimi... I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Mimi. I promised dad that I will protect both of you", Hoshino.

Toshi runs crying to this papa as his grandparents and mother came too late. Mariya grabs Toshi when some gangler walked back to cause more destruction. The backup forces came as they pushed them back and at the same time escorting the family away. 

    A 3 weeks later.
Somewhere in underground laboratory. Dogranio walks down to meet Gauche along with Destra.

"How's that little special project going, Gauche", Dogranio.
"I'm not sure but I have my doubts this one would make it. ", Gauche.

Destra scoffs and detest at it. Gauche gives her look at Destra when the chamber starts to failed. 

"Another failure, Dogranio", Gauche sighs.

All 3 of them leave as the pordermen drapes the figure and stroll it into the dump. They then dumped the body in with the rest of Gauche's failed experiments. Moments later, the body begins to slowly transform as it was absorbing the energy around it. A couple of Pordermen sees a light as one of them to tell Gauche to come quickly. A group of 6 came to check it out from a distant when suddenly then body was gone. One by one the pordermen were drained as the mysterious monster emerged fully complete. Gauche arrived in time to see his quick transformation. The monster turns around to see Gauche as small steam were emitting from his body.  She realizes that there were 2 saves, one on the back of his head and the other on the chest. The saves were a half black and white. The monster then looks at himself and then turns around to face Gauche.

"Who are you and what am I", mysterious monster.
"So this is my experiment come back to life", Gauche chuckled
"Just who am I. What AM I!?", mysterious monster.
"You are Gangler monster", Gauche.
"Subarashi. Subarashi, Gauche. A new monster is born from the dead. A human reborn as a Gangler monster", Dogranio out of nowhere.
"Glad you are surprise, Dogranio-sama", Gauche.
A new enemy approaches from the grave as something new. 

    General Landa steps out of his tent to see his 6 elite soldier back from reconnaissance. One of them hands out a note to him.

"Excellent work, PodaSpy", Gen. Landa.

What was written on the note was a location of a lost and legendary Collection not even Arsene himself can find.

    Before he was even General Landa and in the military, Taichi was a bit reckless at times especially when he was younger. He has the Gunji genes where they are quiet adventurous and have this sense of heroism in them. He loved tokusatsu, anime, manga, kaijus, American comics and even some American cartoons. He even bought some few merch as well. Taichi was such a geek and still is one now. His dream job was to write stories and create characters then put them in shows or mangas. He has some great ideas for stories and characters too. But the thing is that he doesn't want to leave his parents all by themselves. He will sometimes just has this worrisome mindset about certain things. Sometimes he will stay up late at night to finish a character detail or change something on it. Growing up, he started to develop a more calmed and relaxed personality. He does have this honesty and will only uses to those who dserves it but his family is exempt from this. Above all, he is a caring, loving, hardworking "giant" because he's taller than his parents, the first born son, and his 2 sisters. 
    As Gen. Landa, he has this terrifying and scary presence when you see him walking towards you. But his speech pattern is calmed yet it can get very very terrifying or mad sometimes. Landa is the most strategic and tactical out of all of the Gangler general's. He's smart and does not blindly follow like the other Ganglers. He also has this code of honor to where he does not kill children, babies, or pregnant women because he just feels that it isn't right. He'll get very pissed if someone else does it and will get very bummed out and angry if he's the one to do it. He may do bad and heinous things but at least he has a common sense and a sense of honor.  Though he usually does things covertly, he isn't afraid of doing things directly and up in front. Meanwhile, some of the human side still lingers like his honesty. 

Powers and Abilities
He has an excellent combat prowess and reflexes more than the peak of any Gangler except for one, Zamigo. The mind of his was able to outwit, out smart, and out planned his opponents even if some are unorthodox. But that is only his base and standard abilities. He has complete control over the powers of both light and darkness. 

-Black Star. It is a blacken hue scimitar made from a strange material only found in the Back World. 
-Blue Jaws is a powerful white and blue khopesh forged 5,500 years ago. It still retains it's sharpness and look as if it where brand new. Gen. Landa rarely uses this sword because of how much damage and destruction it can cause.

-Height: ???cm
-Weight: ???kg
-Criminal Record: assassinations, espionage, spying, multiple accounts murders, conspiracy, theft, arson, eavesdropping, Piracy, multiple accounts of robbery, smuggling of stolen goods and possibly drugs, vandalism, vigilantism, torture, and 3-7 accounts of extortion
Collection Piece: "???" and "???"
-Gangler Safe Location: Chest and Back of the Head
-Password Number: (Chest) ???; (Back of the Head) ???;

BTS (Behind the Scene)
His first name "Hinter" is the German word for "behind" and his middle name "Spion" means "spy" in German. 

-Hinter Spion Landa motif is based on 3 dinosaurs (Shastasaurus, Spinosaurus, and Quetzalcoatlus), military general, and yin-yang.
-His surname Landa derives from Hanz Landa from the movie "
Inglourious Basterds".
-The cap he wears can come off as well as the cape. 
-The cape's true color is be a darken gray or darken brown color but I was too tire to color it in and too much work for me.
- If you notice, most of his right leg, right shoulder, and crotch plate is a homage to First Captain Chevalier from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.
- His horn stumps can regrow just like Hellboy (character).
I haven't post anything for a while because I am taking my time on the art I've currently working on, Called Project Special Forces/Podamen. It is the other half of my Project Gangler General. A lot of researching, referencing, coloring, and what to put on. Just a lot to get through with creating these OC.
I been having this thought for a very long while now.

1st Pic. Description: City Engulfs in flames, People screaming for help as the flames slowly burns them alive, people caught in Godzilla’s atomic breath as they turn into ashes

2nd Pic. Description: A Survivor of the “November 3 Attack” having a traumatizing flashback of most of his friends, family, and neighbors dying from the Godzilla onslaught.

2nd Pic. In Detail: The image is that of an old man and survivor of a Godzilla attack. He was getting a visit from one of his son as his grandson wants to hear of the story about Godzilla. But the son's father tells him not to because he knows that it brings horrible and bad memories. The grandfather tells him anyway because he no longer fears it anymore. 

The tragedy then appears to shows his memories almost like that of a thought/speech bubble that then goes into more like a wavy smoke. It then reveals the tragedy and horrors of his past. Smoke, fire, people screaming, people running, burned alived, crushed, caught in his(Godzilla's) raging path, or incinerated by his atomic breath. 

A very dark imagery. That gave him nightmares for days on out until he reach an old age and no longer fears it. 


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I'm just a Big Ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff.


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